Kajal Aggarwal And Gautam Kichlu Wedding Photos

Kajal Agarwal became Mrs. on October 30th. Kajal, who is seven steps away from her childhood friend Gautam Kichlu, shared photos of her wedding on social media. However two photos were posted on Saturday. Telugu followers were very happy to see this. On this occasion, Kajal wrote in her post .. Gautam Kashmiri family, Nadi Punjabi family. However, according to the Telugu tradition, we put cumin jaggery on the Telugu audience. To Gautam, it was my love for South India that made cumin jaggery a part of our wedding and the importance of cumin jaggery.

Explaining why the bride and groom wear cumin jaggery at a Telugu wedding. This is of utmost importance. Cumin Ginger says that the husband should meet in times of trouble. Moreover, Kajal wrote cumin in Telugu and made the Telugu people even happier. Many Telugu celebrities along with Manchu Lakshmi congratulated her on this occasion Photo.

Wedding pews are rising one by one in the film industry. The hero, the heroines, the producers, the directors all feel like Mangalya Tantunana. As part of this, Kajal Agarwal married her friend Gautam Kichlu in the presence of relatives and friends in Mumbai.

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