Sonu Sood Help For Mirzapur Girls

 Actor Sonu Sood has been helping the victims and the poor since the onset of the corona epidemic in the country. If anyone asks Sonu Sood for help through social media, he will continue to come to the aid of those who ask. Sonu Sood continues to help as much as he can, taking on the responsibility of educating the children and arranging employment.

Sonu Sood recently showed his generosity once again. In a village near Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh, girls are only studying up to fifth class. They have to cross the city to get a bigger education. Being a forested area in the middle, the villagers were not interested in educating all the girls. Upon learning of the matter, Sonu Sood gave a bicycle to every household in the village. 'Life is like a bicycle. Have to travel miles.

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