Avatar The Way Of Water Film Is Break Records!

Legendary director James Cameron's "Avatar The Way of Water" is creating new records. This film, which has already grossed over 2 billion worldwide, is on its way to breaking even more records. This movie recently surpassed the box office success of the well-known Marvel movies "Avengers Infinity War" and "Spider Man No Way Home". At the worldwide box office, Avatar 2 brought in 2.054 billion.

The 2018 film Infinity War (2.052 billion) broke the previous records set by Spider-Man: No Way Home (1.92 billion dollars). It made the top five list of the world's highest grossing films. Avatar 2 has earned 603 million dollars in the United States alone. It has collected 1.5 billion dollars worldwide. It became the fourth highest-grossing film in cinema history.

It was the sixth film in history to gross more than 2 billion at the global box office. It is remarkable that this feat was accomplished only six weeks after the film's release. However, this film, which is still playing well in theatres, has the potential to break the record set by "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". Because no major films are being released in Hollywood until February 17th. Only "Ant Man and the Wasp" will be released in theatres on February 17.

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