Pushpa Director Sukumar Shocking Post Is Going Viral!

Rajamouli, one of the film industry's star directors, has worked extremely hard to achieve this position. It is well known that Jakanna's career has seen an unexpected level of success as a result of consecutive victories. Rajamouli, who has worked with the majority of the Tollywood industry's star heroes, has played an important role in their career success by providing them with career-best hits.

It could be said that only director Rajamouli has the capacity to devote three years to each movie. Rajamouli, who works hard on the film, serves as an inspiration to other directors. If other directors are astounded by Rajamouli's success rate, it is clear how far Rajamouli has progressed. Naatu Naatu, a song from the "RRR" film, was nominated for an Academy Award.

Sukumar's social media post congratulating Rajamouli has gone viral. Sukumar congratulated Rajamouli and the "RRR" film team. It is rare in the industry for a director to appreciate the talent of another director. Rajamouli is the recipient of this rare honour.

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