Applause for Prabhas in Gaami Trailer

Celebrities and many others have taken an interest in the newly released showreel clip of Gaami. March 8, 2024, will see the release of the film starring Vishwaksen and directed by Vidyadhar Kagita.

The pan-Indian superstar Prabhas sent a video message praising the trailer, which is really exciting. After seeing the film's impressive visuals and director's vision, Prabhas wished the crew the best of luck and predicted that Gaami would be a smash hit. The Gaami team is overjoyed with his support.

With Vishwaksen, we have Abhinaya, Harika Pedada, Chandini Chowdhary, and Mohammad Samad. Producing the film with help from crowdsourcing is Karthik Sabareesh of Karthik Kult Kreations; V Celluloid is hosting. Hold on tight for additional news.

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