Tollywood Actor To Appear In Rajamouli-Mahesh Babu's Upcoming Film!

The highly acclaimed Mahesh Babu and the renowned filmmaker SS Rajamouli are set to team up for an upcoming film. The film is now under pre-production. Now we hear that the lead part in the untitled film will be played by Akkineni Nagarjuna. A narration has been provided to the actor from Naa Saami Ranga.

Nagarjuna is also set to star in a major role. Chelsealan is rumored to play Mahesh Babu's romantic interest, with Deepika Padukone and Nagarjuna starring as the female lead. A release in 2026 is in the works.

A sum of Rs 1000 cr would be allocated to produce the film. With the help of global partners and state-of-the-art production values, it takes place in an African jungle.

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